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 Is a chemical applied to a concrete surface in order to fill pores, increasing surface density. Chemical densifiers are used on polished and non-polished concrete to reduce dusting and wear; on polished concrete surfaces densifiers help concrete take a better polish and make the surface less permeable to liquids so the slab does not require sealing.

Process of using a stain (acid or waterbase) to permanently color the concrete to achieve beautiful variations unique to your project whether its one color or combination of colors staining is becoming the floor of the future.

Starting to become one of our most popular services because of its endless desired results. From the standard flake systems to the stunning reflector system the choices are as far as you can imagine.

Coatings that provide superior protection where abrasive and chemical resistant are needed. Whether it an epoxy system or an quartz system the need for sanitary easy to clean floor is becoming the most popular in the food industry.

Process of using various diamond embedded pad (metal or resin) to smooth existing concrete to produce a high natural shine that can be dyed to numerous color. Polishing will reduce dusting factor to produce for a low maintenance flooring.

Concrete Prep

The process of grinding, cleaning edging, floating holes, cleaning, removal of other flooring, removal of existing sealers, and densifing to prepare concrete for the various of options. Whether its staining only or if its overlay system we can prep for a proper end result.

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