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As your business schedules to reopen and return to regular operations, it is important to make sure the

necessary precautions are taken. Reentering a facility after COVID-19 requires more than basic cleaning

or janitorial services, it requires a company with the experience of handling biohazard cleaning and virus


ADVANCED CONCRETE SOLUTIONS, in conjunction with our environmental experts have developed

comprehensive cleaning protocols for commercial facilities looking to reopen after the COVID-19 crisis.

All of our cleaning and disinfection services use hospital-grade, EPA registered products to the exact

manufacturer specifications including mixing and dwell time. This is crucial in providing the maximum

effectiveness of the disinfecting service.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning, Disinfection & Fogging Service

ADVANCED CONCRETE SOLUTIONS uses disinfectant foggers in both our preventative cleaning and decontamination services. There are

several reasons this is a better application method over standard pump sprayers other companies typically use. First, foggers are faster

than standard pump sprayers. A trained technician can disinfect approximately 15,000 square feet using a fogger. On average, this is 10X

faster than a standard pump sprayer. Second, the fogging system actually reduces the particles to a much smaller size which helps

provide better coverage and more even distribution of the chemical disinfectant. Lastly, since the particle size is smaller, there may be

less of an impact on materials which are sensitive to moisture such as paper or fabric.

When evaluating a service provider to help with your facility disinfection and decontamination, make sure they are using a fogging

system rather than a standard pump sprayer. If they provide details into their process such as videos or educational materials pay close

attention to how they are applying the disinfectant. If they are using a standard pump sprayer, you are not getting the most effective

cleaning and decontamination possible.


The Hydroxyl Generator uses a two part process to eliminate a long list of biological pollutants. By mimicking the natural production of

hydroxyl in the atmosphere, this technology creates a safe, healthy, indoor environment. Elimainates odors caused by

  • Virus
  • Animal
  • Bacteria
  • Sewage
  • Biohazard
  • Smoke
  • Mold
  • Toxic Fumes(VOC'S)
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